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Event Report 2016 GPO

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2016 Grand Pacific Open

Victoria BC


Our 10th anniversary!







The 10th Annual Grand Pacific Open drew a blowout record 152 players from around the world: Brazil, France, 6 states and 7 provinces.   Turnout for all tournaments organized by Victoria Chess this last year was at record numbers and it became clear to us back in February that this year's GPO was going to continue the trend but even so, we underestimated the final turnout.  A fitting turnout for our 10th anniversary (and check out the fabulous birthday cake above that the hotel gave us for our awards ceremony!)


The player list was headed by pre-tournament favorite GM Alexandr Fier,  IM Bindi Cheng, and a number of FMs, NMs, a WGM, and the usual suspects from the local BC chess playing scene.   Players of a certain age will remember the Ross brothers, IM Dave and FM Paul, who apparently were using the GPO as a warmup event prior to their participation in this year's World Senior Team Championship.


Although the clear favorite rating wise by a wide margin, GM Fier had his scored nibbled away by NM Robert Sasata with a round 3 draw and a round 5 draw with BC Champion Jason Cao.  He played sharply against Jason and it looks like he missed a win in the middle game.   In the end, Fier tied for first with Cao and FM Kevin Gentes with Cao taking the trophy on tiebreak.  Congratulations to Jason Cao!



Our Winners:   Left to Right - Paul Leblanc (organizer), FM Kevin Gentes, FM Jason Cao, GM Alexandr Fier (TD Mark S. Dutton can be seen in the back)



The full standings for the main even can be found here:


There were a number of side events starting with a set of simuls against WGM Nino Maisuradze and GM Alexandr Fier.   As is the usual case in such events, the featured players scored heavily winning all but one of the games against the roughly 26 players with only Andrew Hempstapat holding a draw against Fier.


Next up was the VYCC (Victoria Youth Chess Championship), a qualifying event for juniors to the national Youth Chess Championship.   Full standings are available here:


The ever popular Midnight Blitz drew what I think is also a record 43 players and was won by Becca Lampman with a perfect 8-0 score.  (crosstable to come)


And as every year, the tournament  closed out with a Bughouse tournament.


Finally, a big thank you to our sponsors, both corporate and individual donors, all of those who volunteered in some way, our head TD Mark S. Dutton, IA, side event TD Elliot Raymer, and supervisors for the lower boards Charles Huang and Robin Luo.



(still to come:    crosstables for blitz and bughouse).


PGN game file:



see a selection of event photos on our TD's Facebook page:

see the GPO Facebook page:


Prize Winners - the main event:  $5000 guaranteed prize fund.




Premier Section:

1st-3rd:    FM Jason Cao (trophy), GM Alexandr Fier, FM Kevin Gentes;  $670 each

BC Closed qualifying spotIM Bindi Cheng

U2100 - :   NM Brian McLaren (trophy), Robert North,  Aaron Both;  $285 each.

Top Women (1st through 4th):  WGM Nino Maisuradze - $80; Becca Lampman $65; WFM Valeria Gansvind $65;, Julieta Martinez $50 (courtesy of Goddess Chess)


U1900 Section:

1st: Michael Su (trophy)  $425

2nd & top U1700:   Kai Wang (trophy), Paul Leblanc $350 each.

2nd U1700: Andrew Hemstapat $250

Top Women (5th):  Polly Wright, Shi Yuan [Sherry] Tian;  $20 each


U1400 Section:

1st: Daniel Wang (Trophy) $225

2nd: Ivan Nicolici (+U1100 Trophy):  $125

U1000: Joshua Imoo (Trophy) $50

Top Unrated: Harish Rajput (Trophy) $50

Biggest Upset: Brian Yang $50


Note:   our trophy supplier made a typo in manufacturing so an additional trophy (U1100) was awarded.


Side Event Winners:


Maisuradze - Fier Simultaneouses:

Andrew Hemstapat draw against GM Fier


Victoria Youth Chess Championship: Standings


Midnight Blitz:

1st: Becca Lampman $50

U1800: Victor Zheng $25

U1500: Brandon Zhang and Shi Yuan [Sherry] Tian; $15 each.



1st:  Team Tanraj + Janak




Organizers: Brian Raymer, Paul Leblanc, Roger Patterson

Head TD: Mark S. Dutton, I.A.





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