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Page history last edited by Elliot 2 years, 8 months ago


Action Log:



This page is intended as a log for actions required between the end of pre-registration and the start of the event.  (e.g. late entries, bye requests, section changes, etc.)


Fill in as required: if a new line in the table is required, use tab when in the last box.


If the same item requires action by two different people (e.g. TD for entering into tournament list and onsite registration to collect fees), put two lines, one for each person.



No.:   - 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.

Item Description:   e.g. New entry, name of entry, etc.

Posted by ( name)

Post date:  as this form is to be used for one week only, something like Wed. morning

Action req.:   Who needs to take action, and what action is required if not self evident.

Action confirmed by:  Filled in by the person who took the action.

Action notes:  Filled in by the person who took the action - anything of relevance that we need to remember.



Item description
Posted by:
Post date
Action req. by:
Action confirmed by:
Action notes:


Update USCF to CFC ratings  Paul  24 Mar    Paul  Asked CFC to update Bashkansky, Thomas, Pitre, Hamilton-Sommer 

registration problems due to page being down.  If not registered online collect EF at early bird rates

Graham Sorgard CFC 120289 U2000

Abigail Sorgard CFC 164929 U1200

William Sorgard CFC 164930 U1200

Jessica (probably her child)

Simon J. Smith U1700 (playing up)  [edit:  he registered]

Mon. eve.
  Jessica Qian, Richmond, rating 1081, CFC current 

Suhau Hu seems to have bought a cfc membership but might be entitled to a comp TM as partial refund at registration


Roger   Monday eve.  Paul    
4 Zulfikar Sali intends to register.  Problems with website.  If not registered online today, collect $90 on site  Paul  27 Mar      Roger plans to put his name on pre-registered list 
5 list of family groups sent to Elliot for prep to avoid pairing together
Tues aft.
6 ( no entry )  Roger        
7  Verify William Li correct cfc  Roger  Tues midnight  Paul Paul  CFC No. is correct 
8 Machado and Landstrom withdrew by e-mail to Paul.   Forwarded to Roger to respond. Paul  28 Mar  Roger  roger
partial refunds issued
9 Stanley Wu entered VYCC by mistake;  wanted to enter GPO.  E-mail to Paul forwarded to Roger to respond  Paul  28 Mar  Roger   roger
 done.  (see item 12).
10 Machado, Landstrom withdrawn.  Elliot to adjust SwissSys registration list.
wed eve. 
11 Brian Yang changes section to U2000
wed. eve.
12 Stanley Wu registered by mistake to VYCC.   Collect his VYCC EF from Victoria Junior chess at registration and remainder of EF from Wu.
wed. eve.
13 Ryan Leong changes section to U2000   Roger  Wed eve.  Elliot  elliot
14 Tanraj Sohal withdrew
thurs. eve

Received text from Daniel Wei (Premier Section):  Missed plane connection in Calgary.  May be late for round one.

Will update status when known.  Possibly bye round one. 

Paul  Fri a.m.  Elliot     


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