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12th Annual Grand Pacific Open

Victoria 2018


Chess boards as far as the eye can see.......



The 12th annual Grand Pacific Open attracted 144 participants in 4 sections over the 2018 Easter weekend.  That was enough for us to require overflow space for a few boards for some of the rounds.  Players came from across BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba as well as Nevada, California and Washington.   The 6 players from Saskatchewan makes the GPO one of the largest Saskatchewan tournament groups in any Canadian tournament including Saskatchewan :-) .  I understand it was -20 degrees in Saskatchewan at Easter so it's understandable what the attractions are of Victoria's cherry blossoms are.....


Tournament winner IM Mark Ginsburg



IM Mark Ginsburg was one of the furthest traveled but also a favourite to win.    Old timers might remember the "Corporation" of Ginsburg, Tisdall, and Fedorowicz travelling throughout the US and Canada to tournaments,  splitting expenses and prize money.   In any event, Ginsburg is the 2018 Grand Pacific Open Champion with a score of 5/6.   The win looks like a smooth story of the favourite taking a few draws and a bunch of wins to sew things up but had the stars been differently aligned, IM Raymond Kaufman, who finished well down the placings, could have been the champion.  Kaufman was leading the tournament after 4 rounds but hit a roadblock.   In the critical game against Ginsburg, he had an edge and Ginsburg either sacked a pawn or perhaps just lost it (hard to tell) leaving him with a comfortable plus until inattention to his back rank problems reversed the advantage.   I didn't see the finish of the game but judging by Kaufman's score sheet, he was playing on increment for the last 20 moves or so.   The final position, while probably lost, is not resignable so was probably lost on time.   Kaufman's final game against WIM Agnieszka Matras-Clement was a mess with Matras-Clement  offering a speculative piece sac in which Kaufman was not worse.  But again, it didn't go his way.  [and there should be a prize for figuring out the moves of that game from the largely illegible score sheet for the pgn file.]


Four players finished tied for second a half point behind Ginsburg - two of the strong Alberta contingent FM Ian Findlay, WIM Agnieszka Matras-Clement, Vancouver junior Andrew Hemstapat, and local Victoria resident Zulfikar Sali


Tied for 2nd Place left to right:  Zulfikar Sali, Andrew Hemstapat, FM Ian Findlay, Paul Leblanc (organizer), WIM Agnieszka Matras-Clement



As always, the Grand Pacific Open features side events - Midnight blitz with 40 players won by Davaa-Ochir Nyamdorj ahead of Raymond Kaufman (standings) and a Bughouse to close out the tournament.


Also as always, it takes a lot from a lot of people to run an event like this.   Many thanks to our TDs (Elliot Raymor, Marc Moisan, Anca Datcu-Romano), floaters, volunteers, and our sponsors both corporate and individual.


PGN file and crosstable are below.  (some photos to come soon)


PGN file


Prize Winners: ($5140 in prizes)


Premier Section:

1st:  IM Mark Ginsburg  $1000 + trophy

2nd-5th:  FM Ian Findlay, Andrew Hemstapat, WIM Agnieska Matras-Clement, Zulfikar Sali;  $250 each.

U2100: Louis Cheng (trophy), Naomi Bashkansky, Mike Murray  $270 each

Top Women (Courtesy of Goddess Chess):  WIM Agnieszka Matras-Clement $125, NM Valeria Gansvind $100, WIM Naomi Bashkansky, Anna Van (U2000 section) $50, Kate Jiang (U1700 section) $25.


Top Women prize winners:  left to right (front) Kate Jiang, WIM Agnieszka Matras-Clement, NM Valeria Gansvind, WIM Naomi Bashkansky,   Missing: Anna Van

(back) Brian Raymer (organizer), Paul Leblanc (organizer), Elliot Raymer (TD)




U2100:  Louis Chang, WIM Naomi Bashkansky (missing Mike Murray) 



U2000 Section:

1st-2nd:  Jason Williamson (trophy), Ryan Leong (U1800 trophy)  $350 each.

U1800 1st:  Reza Sardari $225, 2nd-3rd:  Lucian Wu, Victor Zhang $75 each.



U2000 Winners:  Jason Williamson and Ryan Leong






U1700 Section:

1st-2nd:  David Crook (trophy), Kent Cronin $175 each.

U1400:  1st: Haibo Sun $125+trophy, 2nd-3rd:  Kate Jiang, Ivan Nicolici $40 each.


U1700 Winners:  David Crook & Kent Cronin




U1400 winners:  Haibo Sun, Kate Jiang


U1200 Section:

1st-5th:  Barna Amjadi (Trophy), Amanda Yang (U900 Trophy), Pepi Eirew, Elaine Fan, Marc Moisan  $35 each.


U1200 winners:  Amanda Yang, Barna Amjadi, Marc Moisan plus Brian Raymer (organizer) Paul Leblanc (organizer) and TD Elliot Raymer





Top Unrated (any section):  Suhao Hu.


Biggest Upset (478 points)   Eric Jiang $50.



Organizers:  Victoria Chess (Brian Raymer, Paul Leblanc, Roger Patterson.

TDs:  NA Elliot Raymer, Anca Datcu-Romano (blitz),  Marc Moisan (bughouse)


 Grand Pacific Open: Premier

# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Tot
1 IM Mark Ginsburg 2372 W22 W5 D2 D6 W10 W11 5.0
2 FM Ian Findlay 2290 W30 W8 D1 D4 W12 D5 4.5
3 Andrew Hemstapat 2166 W37 W9 D13 L10 W17 W16 4.5
4 WIM Agnieszka Matras-Clement 2300 D17 W32 W20 D2 D11 W10 4.5
5 Zulfikar Sali 2225 W31 L1 W29 W13 W6 D2 4.5
6 NM Keith MacKinnon 2280 W36 W12 D10 D1 L5 W22 4.0
7 Davaa-Ochir Nyamdorj 2253 W26 L10 W24 D17 W19 D8 4.0
8 NM Valeria Gansvind 2157 W23 L2 W39 D9 W27 D7 4.0
9 FM John Doknjas 2291 W29 L3 W21 D8 D14 W20 4.0
10 IM Raymond Kaufman 2323 W25 W7 D6 W3 L1 L4 3.5
11 NM Joshua Doknjas 2256 W41 D13 D17 W18 D4 L1 3.5
12 Louis Cheng 2092 W27 L6 W33 W16 L2 D18 3.5
13 FM Jason Cao 2423 W24 D11 D3 L5 W33 D14 3.5
14 WIM Naomi Bashkansky 2080 H--- D19 D32 W28 D9 D13 3.5
15 Michael A. Murray 2059 D28 D33 D23 L27 W32 W30 3.5
16 NM Jeff Reeve 2286 W39 D21 D18 L12 W23 L3 3.0
17 Joe Roback 2005 D4 W28 D11 D7 L3 D19 3.0
18 NM Roger Patterson 2116 D19 W38 D16 L11 D24 D12 3.0
19 Anand Rishi Chandra 1825 D18 D14 W40 D21 L7 D17 3.0
20 NM Georgi Kostadinov 2173 D33 W34 L4 D23 W25 L9 3.0
21 Gabriel Brown 2075 W42 D16 L9 D19 L22 W32 3.0
22 Patrick Huang 2039 L1 D31 D27 W41 W21 L6 3.0
23 Callum Lehingrat 1828 L8 W30 D15 D20 L16 W34 3.0
24 Brandon Zhu 2048 L13 W41 L7 W39 D18 D26 3.0
25 James Li 2016 L10 D37 W38 D32 L20 W27 3.0
26 Neil Doknjas 1888 L7 L40 D30 W38 W37 D24 3.0
27 Alec Chung 1792 L12 W36 D22 W15 L8 L25 2.5
28 Nicholas Hawkins 1824 D15 L17 W31 L14 W39 U--- 2.5
29 Henrik Jacobsen 1951 L9 W42 L5 D37 L30 W33 2.5
30 Maven Zheng 1939 L2 L23 D26 W31 W29 L15 2.5
31 Rowan James 1881 L5 D22 L28 L30 W38 W37 2.5
32 Matthew Geng 1848 W40 L4 D14 D25 L15 L21 2.0
33 William Bremner 1845 D20 D15 L12 W34 L13 L29 2.0
34 Jim Daniluk 1977 H--- L20 D37 L33 W41 L23 2.0
35 Ian Cordon 2050 H--- H--- U--- U--- W36 U--- 2.0
36 Gregory Freeze 1900 L6 L27 L41 W42 L35 W39 2.0
37 Houshyar Ghandi 1843 L3 D25 D34 D29 L26 L31 1.5
38 Manuel Omana Escandor 1830 H--- L18 L25 L26 L31 W41 1.5
39 Chuyang Gu 1917 L16 W43 L8 L24 L28 L36 1.0
40 NM Harry Moore 2209 L32 W26 L19 U--- U--- U--- 1.0
41 Daniel Wei 1885 L11 L24 W36 L22 L34 L38 1.0
42 Frank O'Brien 1776 L21 L29 U--- L36 U--- U--- 0.0
43 Li Geng 1448 U--- L39 U--- U--- U--- U--- 0.0



 Grand Pacific Open: U2000

# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Tot
1 Jason Williamson 1870 W22 W2 L3 W9 W8 W7 5.0
2 Ryan Leong 1712 W16 L1 W15 W18 W4 W3 5.0
3 Reza Sardari 1562 W11 W5 W1 D4 W6 L2 4.5
4 Lucian Wu 1766 W17 W21 W10 D3 L2 D8 4.0
5 Victor Zheng 1788 W27 L3 W14 L8 W17 W13 4.0
6 H. G. Pitre 1917 H--- W15 H--- W10 L3 W14 4.0
7 Paul Leblanc 1721 W20 W8 L9 D13 W11 L1 3.5
8 Graham Sorgard 1909 W19 L7 W12 W5 L1 D4 3.5
9 James Windram 1742 D18 W24 W7 L1 D13 D10 3.5
10 Bill Tate 1768 W23 W12 L4 L6 W19 D9 3.5
11 Daniel Du 1728 L3 W27 D17 W20 L7 W18 3.5
12 Brian Yang 1676 W13 L10 L8 D17 W21 W20 3.5
13 Ross Richardson 1801 L12 W23 W16 D7 D9 L5 3.0
14 Philip Harris 1724 D24 W18 L5 D19 W16 L6 3.0
15 Mau-Seng Lee 1437 W28 L6 L2 W24 L20 W22 3.0
16 Andrew Xu 1475 L2 W22 L13 W21 L14 W25 3.0
17 Anna Van 1626 L4 W25 D11 D12 L5 D19 2.5
18 Charles Wu 1665 D9 L14 W22 L2 W25 L11 2.5
19 Richard J Lapenna 1698 L8 D20 W21 D14 L10 D17 2.5
20 Nathan Ping-Ying Wu 1495 L7 D19 W23 L11 W15 L12 2.5
21 Lincoln Camphaug 1460 W25 L4 L19 L16 L12 W24 2.0
22 Ken Forman 1696 L1 L16 L18 W23 W27 L15 2.0
23 John Simms 1665 L10 L13 L20 L22 W29 W27 2.0
24 Paul McNichol 1499 D14 L9 H--- L15 H--- L21 1.5
25 Duncan Jillings 1705 L21 L17 H--- W27 L18 L16 1.5
26 Shayan Rahimabadi 1504 U--- U--- W27 U--- U--- U--- 1.0
27 Quinton Burrows 1666 L5 L11 L26 L25 L22 L23 0.0
28 Li Geng 1448 L15 U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- 0.0
29 Garth Edgar 966 U--- U--- U--- U--- L23 U--- 0.0


 Grand Pacific Open: U1700

# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Tot
1 David Crook 1670 W30 W15 W5 W4 W3 L2 5.0
2 Kent Cronin 1566 W26 L3 W19 W17 W15 W1 5.0
3 Haibo Sun 1337 W21 W2 W12 D6 L1 W10 4.5
4 Jerry Wang 1552 W29 W24 W16 L1 W13 D5 4.5
5 Levi Kirkby 1490 W35 W36 L1 W27 W7 D4 4.5
6 Isaac Trenton 1459 D14 W23 W8 D3 D10 W11 4.5
7 Kate Jiang 1345 D10 W14 D11 W18 L5 W15 4.0
8 Joshua Imoo 1412 W20 D11 L6 W33 D21 W16 4.0
9 Ivan Nicolici 1336 W38 L12 L21 W36 W18 W25 4.0
10 Nicholas Peters 1584 D7 W33 W22 D11 D6 L3 3.5
11 Richard Ingram 1650 W28 D8 D7 D10 W14 L6 3.5
12 Peter Eirew 1523 W19 W9 L3 U--- W27 D13 3.5
13 Stephanie Gu 1453 L15 W25 W36 W21 L4 D12 3.5
14 Eric Jiang 1223 D6 L7 W20 W22 L11 W21 3.5
15 Henry Yang 1421 W13 L1 W23 W16 L2 L7 3.0
16 Eric Gu 1455 W25 W27 L4 L15 W17 L8 3.0
17 Ethan Song 1455 L23 W35 W24 L2 L16 W27 3.0
18 Robert Hamm 1495 L27 W29 W26 L7 L9 W31 3.0
19 Stephen Drake 1302 L12 W31 L2 D28 W26 D20 3.0
20 Arthur Milne 1701 L8 D30 L14 W24 W29 D19 3.0
21 Paul Clarkson 1568 L3 W28 W9 L13 D8 L14 2.5
22 Yanyu Lei 1341 H--- W34 L10 L14 W23 U--- 2.5
23 Gillian Mok 1160 W17 L6 L15 D26 L22 W36 2.5
24 Dylan Fox 1277 W32 L4 L17 L20 D30 W33 2.5
25 Randolph M Slaby 1174 L16 L13 W31 D29 W28 L9 2.5
26 Joe Wong 1331 L2 W32 L18 D23 L19 W34 2.5
27 Bernie Stanley 1270 W18 L16 W34 L5 L12 L17 2.0
28 Gurbaz Singh 1374 L11 L21 W32 D19 L25 D30 2.0
29 Miles Hamilton-Sommer 1309 L4 L18 W39 D25 L20 D32 2.0
30 Andy Zhang 1406 L1 D20 L33 D34 D24 D28 2.0
31 Mergal Primo 1497 L36 L19 L25 W35 W33 L18 2.0
32 Peter Kenyon 1499 L24 L26 L28 W39 D34 D29 2.0
33 Simon J Smith 1133 D34 L10 W30 L8 L31 L24 1.5
34 Anthony Bertovic 1434 D33 L22 L27 D30 D32 L26 1.5
35 Nikolas Milonas 1264 L5 L17 H--- L31 W36 L37 1.5
36 Jeffrey Street 1277 W31 L5 L13 L9 L35 L23 1.0
37 Li Geng 1448 U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- W35 1.0
38 Cliff Jones 1556 L9 U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- 0.0
39 Garth Edgar 966 U--- U--- L29 L32 U--- U--- 0.0



Grand Pacific Open: U1200

# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Tot
1 Suhao Hu unr. W13 W14 W8 W3 D4 D2 5.0
2 Borna Amjadi 877 W9 W11 D12 W5 D13 D1 4.5
3 Amanda Yang 843 W17 W10 W7 L1 W12 D4 4.5
4 Pepi Eirew 1082 W28 D31 W22 W12 D1 D3 4.5
5 Elaine Fan 1047 W18 D22 W31 L2 W17 W13 4.5
6 Marc Moisan 848 L25 W36 W27 W10 D11 W15 4.5
7 Raymond Tangning Zhang 901 W33 W34 L3 W14 L9 W24 4.0
8 Bill Wang 915 W35 W25 L1 L11 W18 W16 4.0
9 Russell Kerr unr. L2 W21 W28 W16 W7 U--- 4.0
10 Al Hui 1052 W26 L3 W34 L6 W20 W11 4.0
11 Kevin Pi 684 W16 L2 W19 W8 D6 L10 3.5
12 Milo Eirew 970 W29 W27 D2 L4 L3 W23 3.5
13 William Ma 872 L1 W29 W25 W17 D2 L5 3.5
14 Julian Tang 949 W36 L1 W18 L7 D23 W22 3.5
15 Stanley Wu 993 D24 L17 W21 W31 W22 L6 3.5
16 Jordan Lathwell 956 L11 W32 W23 L9 W26 L8 3.0
17 Inna Rabinovich 1154 L3 W15 W26 L13 L5 W28 3.0
18 Jason Imoo 720 L5 W20 L14 W25 L8 W31 3.0
19 William Sorgard 998 L34 W33 L11 L22 W29 W26 3.0
20 William Li 884 L27 L18 W35 W29 L10 W25 3.0
21 Edward Enns 942 L23 L9 L15 W30 W35 W27 3.0
22 Raegan Van Raamsdonk 634 W32 D5 L4 W19 L15 L14 2.5
23 Winston Huang 630 W21 L24 L16 W28 D14 L12 2.5
24 Yun Xu Cao 818 D15 W23 U--- U--- W32 L7 2.5
25 Declan O'Sullivan unr. W6 L8 L13 L18 W34 L20 2.0
26 William Jiang 768 L10 W35 L17 W27 L16 L19 2.0
27 Guan Lin Chen unr. W20 L12 L6 L26 W33 L21 2.0
28 Nicholas Pei-Chang Wu 793 L4 W30 L9 L23 W31 L17 2.0
29 Gideon Tang 701 L12 L13 W30 L20 L19 W32 2.0
30 Michael Liu 625 L31 L28 L29 L21 W36 W35 2.0
31 Anthony Xu 864 W30 D4 L5 L15 L28 L18 1.5
32 Matthew Imoo 344 L22 L16 D33 W36 L24 L29 1.5
33 Gwendolyn Tang 602 L7 L19 D32 L35 L27 W36 1.5
34 David Eirew 708 W19 L7 L10 U--- L25 U--- 1.0
35 Abigail Sorgard 603 L8 L26 L20 W33 L21 L30 1.0
36 Dennis Quay 639 L14 L6 U--- L32 L30 L33 0.0









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