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Victoria High School Championship 2019


Victoria High School Championship is Resurrected

After a 33-year hiatus, Victoria has a high school chess champion.  

Mount Douglas High School, led by top scoring Matthew Geng captured the team championship at the Hotel Grand Pacific on Easter weekend.  The tournament was held as a 5-round active swiss event with the total points earned by the top 4 players from each team counting as the team total.  Mount Doug finished with 14.5 points, far outdistancing Pacific Christian School with 6.5, Claremont High School with 5.0, Parkland High School with 4.5, and Esquimalt High School with 2.0.

Fittingly, my two co-organizers were Dave Gardner, a Claremont teacher and member of the 1986 Claremont championship team as well as Dan Myers, who at that time was a teacher and prominent junior chess organizer.  Elliot Raymer was our hard-working TD.
To recognize the winning team, the J. Baines-Lewis trophy, was brought out of retirement.  It had been gathering dust in the custody of the Victoria Chess Club since last awarded in 1970.  We hope to add many more names to it in coming years.
the Victoria High School Championship was held in conjunction with the VYCC and the Grand Pacific Open for a great Easter weekend of chess in Victoria

2019 Victoria High School Championship team, Mount Douglas High School.  William Ma, Haibo Sun, Matthew Geng (holding the J. Bains-Lewis trophy), Johnny Cole, Evan Guilford, Surya Narayan and Suhao Hu.  The team is flanked by organizers Paul Leblanc (left) and Dave Gardner (right)

Daniel Myers, erstwhile junior chess organizer, came out of chess retirement to facilitate the championship


Report by Paul Leblanc



Team Results:


  Code Name Score
2 PCS PCS 6.5


Individual Standings:


# Name Rtng Team Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot
1 Matthew Geng 1897 MOUNTDO W16 W4 D3 W2 W6 4.5
2 Haibo Sun 1545 MOUNTDO W6 W14 W12 L1 W3 4.0
3 Dylan Fox 1319   W19 W13 D1 W12 L2 3.5
4 Aaron Anandji 1078   W15 L1 W7 D5 W10 3.5
5 Thien Tran unr. PCS L10 W19 W11 D4 W13 3.5
6 Jishang Jiang unr. CLAREMON L2 W20 W13 W9 L1 3.0
7 Josiah Plett unr. PCS D18 W11 L4 W14 D8 3.0
8 William Ma unr. MOUNTDO D11 D18 W14 D10 D7 3.0
9 Surya Narayan unr. MOUNTDO L12 W16 W18 L6 W15 3.0
10 Johnny Cole 634 MOUNTDO W5 L12 W15 D8 L4 2.5
11 Suhao Hu 1278 MOUNTDO D8 L7 L5 W20 W12 2.5
12 Inna Rabinovich 1079 PARKLAND W9 W10 L2 L3 L11 2.0
13 Evan Guildford 659 MOUNTDO W20 L3 L6 W16 L5 2.0
14 Andrew Datcu-Romano 805   W17 L2 L8 L7 W19 2.0
15 Dallas McNeil unr. PARKLAND L4 W17 L10 W18 L9 2.0
16 Jacob Hardy unr. ESQUIMAL L1 L9 W17 L13 W20 2.0
17 Chiao Ping unr. CLAREMON L14 L15 L16 W19 W18 2.0
18 Irena Datcu-Romano 693   D7 D8 L9 L15 L17 1.0
19 Robin Lipke unr. PARKLAND L3 L5 D20 L17 L14 0.5
20 Michaela Schneider unr.   L13 L6 D19 L11 L16 0.5


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