The 2012 Grand Pacific Bughouse was a hotly contested event. An array of crazy teams battled it in a 5 round swiss with 3 minutes on the clock.  In the end the old married couple (Noam and Ben) took first with a score of 4/5 after a playoff with Magical Starfish (Jeremy and Janak). Laser Team (Joshua and Neil) took 1st in the U12 class.  
# Team Name Player Name Player Name Approx Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot Prize
1 Old Married Couple Ben Daswani  Noam Davies 4241 W12 D6 D2 W4 W3  4.0 1st
2 Magical Starfish Jeremy Hui Janak Awatramani  4000 W10 D4 D1 W5 W6  4.0  
3 Beef Lucas Davies Howard Wu 4370 W9 W5 D4 W6 L1  3.5  
4 The Unknowns Tanraj Sohal Jason Cao 4250 W8 D2 D3 L1 W9  3.0  
5 U mad bro? Ryan Lo John Doknjas 4032 W7 L3 W11 L2 W8  3.0  
6 the scourge Jack Cheng Yiming Han 3926 W11 D1 W8 L3 L2  2.5  
7 J's Jill Ding (Ji) Roger Luo 1500 L5 D9 W10 L8 W12  2.5  
8 Laser Team Joshua Doknjas Neil Doknjas 2600 L4 W10 L6 W7 L5  2.0 1st U12
9 The Buggies Luke Pulfer Nathan Chow 2700 L3 D7 D12 W11 L4  2.0  
10 The chess queens Ashley Tapp Yekta Saremi 1400 L2 L8 L7 D12 W11  1.5  
11 Deadly Knights Rowan James Kai Richardson unr. L6 W12 L5 L9 L10  1.0  
12 Team A Robert Hamm Jacob 2000 L1 L11 D9 D10 L7  1.0