The policies below are the default policies  of our (Victoria Chess) tournaments except where otherwise stated on the tournament webpage.  Not all the policies below may be applicable to all tournaments. (e.g. there might not be any "special prizes".)


Refusal of Entry:


BCCF & CFC Membership 




Letters of Invitation:







  1. The player has an obligation to disclose all previous ratings in other countries and regions.
  2. The TD has the absolute right to use any rating that they deems appropriate although in general they will follow the terms below.
  3. The primary rating used is the CFC regular rating provided that the player has an established rating and it is current.
  4. If the player does not have a current, established CFC regular rating but does have a current, established rating in another 'official' system (excluding CFC active ratings), then that rating will be used.  If in this situation, a player has multiple current established ratings in 'official' systems, FIDE will be used as first choice, the player's 'home' system will be used as 2nd choice, and otherwise the TD will use their discretion.  The TD will decide if a given rating is 'current'.  In general, we consider 10 games in the last year in that system to be current.
  5. If the player does have a rating(s) in an official system(s) but they are not current or established, then the TD will use their discretion but will be biased towards the player's home system and towards more recent activity.
  6. If the player does not have any official ratings but does have a rating in an unofficial system (e.g. Victoria  Chess Club rating, Vancouver Active rating) the TD may, at their discretion, use that rating.  Internet ratings will typically not be used.
  7. Conversion of other ratings to CFC equivalent will be at the TD's discretion but will typically be done at par.
  8. This rating will be used for both pairing and prize distribution.  Pre-registration lists, wall charts, etc. will use this rating  (perhaps with a notation to indicate source, e.g. FIDE)
  9. For the purposes of determining if the player needs to pay a "play up a section" fee, any reasonable rating  meeting the section rating requirements will be sufficient for us to waive that fee (although we may use a different rating as determined above for pairing and prizes).   
  10. Unrated players are not eligible for class prizes, only the Premier section place prizes and the unrated prize (top score by an unrated in any section).   Unrated players may play in any section but are subject to the "play up a section" fee.  It is strongly recommended that unrated players  with no previous tournament experience start off in the lowest section.




Special Prizes






  1. All electronics capable of making noise, communicating  elsewhere, or playing chess must be turned off.  Turned 'off' means fully off, not sleeping or hibernate modes.
  2. All such electronics must not be on the player's person but stored in a bag or coat or on the table.   In particular, it is forbidden for a player to take such devices into the washroom.   Just taking such a device to the washroom is sufficient for the TD to apply penalties as they see fit.
  3. Players and spectators may not use these devices at any time while they are in the playing venue including washrooms, associated hallways, and anywhere where players are allowed to be unless they have the permission of the TD.
  4. Violations of the rules above or a device making noise will be one of the following at the TD's discretion depending on the severity of the offence:
    1. The player is forfeited 
    2. The player loses 20 minutes or 75% of time remaining, whichever is less 
    3. The player loses 10 minutes or 50% of time remaining, whichever is less
  5. Notwithstanding the above, the TD has the authority to demand that any particular device be removed from the premises or left at the TD desk.
  6. Electronic score sheets that are FIDE approved may be used.   At present, this means MonRoi only.
  7. We do allow players and spectators to take photos and video, including the use of a cell phone as camera, in the first 10 minutes of play.  No flash please.